Why Graphic Design

visual components of marketing

Graphic Design Today

Graphic designers work with companies to develop the visual components of marketing and communication initiatives, including advertisements, logos, packaging, brochures and websites. These professionals must understand their clients’ goals and create designs that impact the target audience.

In order to be successful, graphic designers must be able to communicate with clients, collaborate with other design professionals and deliver unique, effective designs. These tasks require a mix of business savvy and technical design skills. On a given day, a graphic designer might meet with a client, create a communication strategy, design the layout of a Web page and make changes to an existing publication.
Graphic designers use colour, typography, photography, artwork, layout and occasionally animation to convey a client’s message to its target audience. Most of today’s design work is done on the computer, so graphic designers must have a solid understanding of design software like Adobe Photoshop,  Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and Flash.

Graphic Design Employment

Advice, Resources & Training

If you’re seeking graphic design employment, are you confident that you know what will be expected of you? If you’ve worked in a studio before, did you ever feel that your training had let you down at any time? If there are gaps in your knowledge, where can you go to fill them?


The skills involved in graphic design today are hugely diverse. Today’s designer has to be not only a creative artist, but also a proofreader, webmaster, copywriter, project manager and an expert in the printing process to name just a few – and if you’re also running your own business, let’s not forget the roles of accountant, office manager, creative director and coffee-maker… It can be a tough game.


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